About Marty’s Grill

Marty’s Grill is named for Martin Cohan who was not just a great dad and husband but also had a love of good times spent socializing with friends while dining on amazing food and cold beverages. We have designed an open floor plan to allow our guests to mingle, just as Marty did back in his day. My mom always said that when dining out, he would enjoy each course at a different table because he loved to talk! For those that know me, or will get to know me here at Marty’s, you will understand why I never stop talking!

Marty loved baseball as a child and played for City College of New York in the late 40’s. He later took a liking to golf although, according to mom, was never any good at the game. We think he just used golf as an excuse to schmooze with clients and hang out with friends.

Marty’s Grill will strive to provide the highest quality food and service, in a relaxed atmosphere shared with family and friends, new and old. So sit back, relax, and enjoy your time here, just as Marty would have.